For intrinsically aged skin

Intrinsic skin ageing depends on internal, genetically controlled processes and usually leads to deficiencies and diminished cell activity. The skin becomes increasingly thin, dry and sensitive. The supporting framework of collagen fibres changes structurally, and it loses its elasticity and freshness. SEYO’s N10 Series was developed with the specific needs of intrinsically aged skin in mind. It works to stimulate development of the collagen matrix, promoting microcirculation to activate the absorption of the active ingredients deep down. The result? Visually vitalized, tighter skin and a younger look.

Hyal N10 hyaluronic lifting serum, 20 ml

The highly effective serum works to activate intrinsically aged skin deep down: With a specially adapted concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients, it stimulates the skin’s collagen production, supports cell renewal and boosts skin hydration. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin elasticity improved.

Lift N10 vitalizing & firming day cream, 50 ml

The unique cocktail of active ingredients in this intensively nourishing day cream pampers intrinsically aged skin with reduced collagen levels: It contains peptides to promote collagen synthesis, phytohormones, moisturizing factors and valuable oils. With its vitalizing, firming effect, it activates microcirculation and strengthens the skin’s own barrier protection.