For young, saturated skin

Younger skin usually has an adequate supply of nutrients and feels tender and supple. To prevent environmental influences such as wind, the cold, air conditioning and heater air from drying it out and leading to premature ageing, it needs sufficient protection and care that is non-greasy yet provides intense moisturization. The serum and cream from SEYO’s N5 Series have a concentration of active ingredients that has been specially developed for younger skin and boast a pleasant, light formulation. They prevent the skin from drying out and work deep down to provide moisture and valuable vitamins. For a radiantly fresh complexion and a long-lasting, intense feeling of nourishment.


Hyal N5 instant infusion serum, 20 ml

Carefully combined active ingredients, including low and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, make our Hyal N5 serum a hydration booster. It balances skin hydration, revitalizes the skin deep down and stimulates cell respiration. Early wrinkles caused by dryness are visibly smoothed out.

Hydra N5 ultra light cream day & night, 50 ml

A unique day and night cream, this gel cream has a reduced fat and lipid content and is specially adapted to the current needs of younger, more saturated skin. Pleasantly light on the skin, it nevertheless has an intense moisturizing effect and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.