For visibly extrinsically aged skin

Besides natural, intrinsic skin ageing, extrinsic factors such as UV radiation, nicotine and environmental toxins also cause skin to age visibly. It is highly important to care for extrinsically aged skin, which is usually not just dry but has also suffered cell damage and displays deep wrinkles.

The Mitocell serum and cream are perfectly adapted to the high demands of extrinsically aged skin. They contain the highest concentrations of anti-ageing active ingredients and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid of all the SEYOceuticals range. This allows deep-acting nourishment, regeneration and the protection of stressed skin.

Mitocell hyaluronic recovery serum, 20 ml

This extraordinary serum works to thoroughly optimize extrinsically aged skin. It promotes the development of the extracellular matrix, stimulates deep regeneration, tightens the skin and reduces wrinkle depth.

Mitocell rich & nourishing all day cream, 50 ml

Extrinsically aged, damaged skin requires a lot of protection and care. Working to nourish cells, this rich day cream is perfectly adapted to the task. It contains peptides to promote the stimulation and cross-linking of collagen, antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals, UV protection and protection from collagen fibre glycation. It nourishes with valuable oils and has a slight effect of depigmentation.