For diagnosed problem skin

The special products in the Proderm Series have a cosmoceutical effect and are SEYO’s recommendation for skin problems such as acne, bacterial complaints and skin fungus. The Proderm serum and cream are the only products in the SEYOceuticals range which are not pH-neutral but deliberately alter the balance. They create conditions in the skin which contribute to combatting blemishes and inflammation and help to improve the skin’s appearance. Particularly light formulations have been selected so as not to stress the skin.

Proderm blemish solution serum, 20 ml

The highly concentrated Proderm serum has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and clearing effect. It reduces irritation caused by acne, promotes skin renewal and thus has a positive impact on the appearance of diagnosed problem skin.

Proderm control 360 light cream, 50 ml

The matching cream in the Proderm Series is dedicated to adjusting bacterial and inflammatory skin problems. It has an innovative gel-cream formulation that lasts 24 hours. The effect on the skin is anti-inflammatory and soothing. Liposomes increase skin penetration.